Sprayed Concrete Lining - tunnel lining - shaft lining - culvert rehabilitaiton - flood defence schemes

sprayed concrete lining   -   rail tunnels - road tunnels
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Culvert rehabilitation Tyne & Wear
Culvet beam repair Blackburn
Tunnel lining Buxton Derbyshire


Sprayed concrete is an established method for tunnel construction throughout the world. The images show a culvet rehabilitation project in the North of England after a catastrophic collapse of the culvert following severe flooding. The remaining brick lining was sprayed with steel fibre reinforced ‘shotcrete’, with an additional overlay of ‘gunite’ to a trowelled smooth finish to offer minimum resistance to the water flow once the culvert was re-commisioned.
The sprayed concrete tunnel lining (left) was required to strengthen the steel shell during fire and explosive testing trials at the Government Testing Laboratory in Buxton, Derbyshire.


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