Climbing walls - caving systems - free standing boulders - zoo enclosures - theme parks - TV & film sets

Climbing  walls - free standing boulders theme  parks
playground features - zoo enclosures - caving systems
TV & film sets - skateboard parks - public art installations
Free standing boulder - Sheffield
Dakota Park - Warrington
An Culu - Kenmare Co. Kerry

Sprayed concrete is the perfect medium for the construction of organic shaped features that require a long life span and durabilty. Playground features and urban generation projects such as the Dakota Park, Warrington and Heeley Development Trust in Sheffield are just two recent examples.

‘An Culu’ , Kenmare, Eire, had a design remit to construct a natural cavern ceiling over a jacuzzi and swimming pool beneath the castle. Stainless steel mesh and a sprayed micro concrete helped meet the design criteria to spectacular effect.


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