sprayed concrete -  "shotcrete"   - wet spray
sprayed concrete -    "gunite"    - dry spray
sprayed concrete -  "refractory"   - dry spr"ay

shotcrete - wet spray

large volume infilling and ovelays
easy access sites
deep repair areas
tunnel linings - slope stabilisation

gunite - dry spray

specialised repair works
difficult access / confined space
tidal and flood affected sites
rail and motorway possession

refractory - monolithic linings
petrochemical plants
glass and chemical factories
power generation plants
incineration plants


“Shotcrete” is a generic term applied to all forms of
pneuumatically applied sprayed concrete.

Dry spray concrete
(gunite) is the application of pre-mixed kiln dried concrete powder through a purpose made water is introduced by a skilled and qualified nozzleman.

Refractory materials are generally applied using the dry spray
(gunite) method of sprayed concrete.

Wet spray concrete
(shotcrete) is the application of ready mixed concrete (RMC) through a concrete pump, with air (and accelerators) introduced at the nozzle, and can be applied by either a qualified nozzleman or robotic arm and remote control.


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